How To: Brand Your Cargo Trailer

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From function to finish, enclosed cargo trailers are beautiful things—but is the exterior of yours working as hard as the interior? With signage in the form of trailer wraps, graphics, and decals, your cargo trailer can double as mobile advertising. Whether you simply add a logo and web address or express your business’s creativity with a colorful wrap, there are many ways to add branding to enclosed cargo trailers and increase your business. Formula Trailers has the following advice to help make your brand stand out with signage.

1. Set your budget. Work within the limits of your funds, but also consider the return on your investment. Will a bolder, more complex design and application increase your visibility more than a name and number or website? Then it may be worth spending the extra money.

2. Craft your message. Do you have a straightforward hauling business, or is your specialty one that lends itself to an eye-catching design? The type of signage you choose instantly projects your type of business, the work you do, and offers contact information. Keep in mind that whether your cargo trailer is on the road a lot or parked near a busy street, passersby will only have a few moments to read any information on it. Because of that, you’ll have to keep your message simple: a name or logo, website or phone number, and a catchphrase—at most. Make sure the information is clear, easy to read, and has high visual impact.

3. Consider your options. Once you’ve established a budget and message, it’s time to look at the options available.
Start with your trailer color. Standard aluminum cargo trailer colors often include white or black. However, many Formula enclosed cargo trailers come in a range of colors, from pewter and champagne to indigo blue, brandywine, and victory red. Think about which color will make your trailer stand out and how it will complement the signage.

Next, think about how you want to apply your signage. Options include magnetic signs, self-adhesive vinyl lettering, graphics and decals, and wraps.

Personalized Magnetic Signs. Magnetic signs offer branding on a budget. They are low cost and easy to install—you just slap them against the side or back of the trailer. You can usually design your sign online with lettering, contact information, and a logo, and they’ll ship it to you. Or you can visit your local sign company to do the work. Because magnetic signs tend to be on the small side, they work best on smaller trailers. Also, because of the low cost and small size, consider ordering three—for the rear and both sides—and a reflective finish for night viewing.

Self-adhesive Custom Vinyl Lettering. Custom vinyl lettering for trailers comes pre-spaced and you can easily apply it yourself. Manufacturers also make custom decals, so you can design signage with your logo or simple shapes and graphics that will catch the eye and make your branding unique.

Trailer Decals and Graphics. Full or partial graphic decals, custom made for your trailer’s size and shape, are another option. Some you can apply yourself, while others must be professionally installed. Either way, decals can easily be removed if you want a change in signage.

Custom Cargo Trailer Wraps. Professionally made vehicle wraps are usually printed on an adhesive-backed vinyl. To keep colors bright and the design sharp, wraps are sealed and protected with a UV laminate film. A wrap is the best way to create a noticeable brand statement, as almost any design, including photos, can be applied. Plus, should you want to change your branding or sell your trailer, the wrap can be removed.

Whatever way you add graphics and branding, your first step is to choose a high-quality cargo trailer. Visit a Formula Trailers dealer and let them show you the options—like the Spirit aluminum enclosed trailer—and help you choose the style that’s right for you.