Cargo Trailer Tailgate Inspo

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Just Picture It

The roar of the crowd. The smell of BBQ. The sight of face paint, jerseys, and your favorite team making plays on the big screen. And you, not at home, but perched on your tailgate-ready utility trailer amidst the electric atmosphere of a gameday parking lot. And the best part? With the right setup (and a Formula open cargo trailer), this can be you the next time your team hits the field. But first…

  1. Deck it outWhen it comes to tailgate parties, it doesn’t hurt to be the loudest voice in the room. And by that, we mean with decals and decorations that draw attention to your setup. While streamers and balloons are classic party flair, we suggest jumbo mylar balloons that show off your favorite team on gameday or team flags you can attach to the sides of your utility trailer. Just… make sure you take them down before heading back on the road after the party’s over.Your decorations don’t have to stop at the trailer. Party supply stores carry more than enough variety for your setup, including team-specific beverage cozies, bean bag toss games, coolers, as well as plastic eat and drinkware that’s great for cleaning up without worrying about broken glass.
  2. Make it rain… proofRain or shine, gameday diehards are showing up to show off their colors. So, if rain is in the forecast, invest in some large canopy tents that you can place over the bed of your utility trailer. Or at the very least, oversize umbrellas right next to it. This way, you can grill, socialize, and celebrate even when there’s a downpour. And if you’re listening to the big game on a radio or via a remote TV setup, you’ll want to avoid any electrical components ending up wet. On second thought, if it’s going to rain, go ahead and skip the TV setup altogether.We suggest a canopy tent that offers roll down sidewalls. This way, slanted rain and splashing won’t be as much of a problem.Also, invest in some tent weights. It can get pretty windy out there.
  3. Fuel them with foodWant to win the battle of the tailgate party? Food is a sure thing. And what better way to draw in passersby and entertain guests than with a setup that’s off the ground? Not only will you feel like the grill master, you’ll waft the wonderful scents of smoked brisket and stadium brats and grandma’s coleslaw recipe to the jealous pickup bed users one spot over.Now, while the usual tailgate cuisines—sliders, corn on the cob, guacamole—are never a bad idea, we have a few recipes you might want to try out next time you hit the scene:Boilermaker Tailgate Chili
    We don’t want to say that it’s in the name… but, well, it is. It takes some prep time, but it’s worth the smiles you’ll see around your gameday utility trailer. Messy as they may be.

    Bacon Crackers
    It’s bacon on crackers and it only takes about a half hour to prepare. Need we say more?

    Roasted Jalapeno Poppers
    Jalapeno poppers are a staple of any successful tailgate party. So naturally, they’ll make a great addition to your taste buds as you relax on your utility trailer.

    Salted Pretzel-Marshmallow Bars
    Another great find from the masters of tasty morsels, Food Network, these bars are the perfect way to send guests on their way after the big game. Especially if it’s a loss.

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