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At Formula, we have plenty of enclosed trailers to haul your cargo near and far, but it’s our trusty and customizable utility trailers we want to focus on this time around. And to help illustrate how you can customize your utility trailer, we’ll use our Ghost single and tandem-axle trailers as reference.

DIY Utility Trailer Ideas
Open trailers allow for a lot of freedom when it comes to cargo storage, whether it’s for landscaping projects, a home renovation, or any number of day-to-day tasks. Add to this versatility the ability to customize with all sorts of components and you’ve got the ultimate, personalized hauler.

With a few YouTube videos, a trip to your neighborhood hardware store, and some time on your hands, you can complete just about any DIY trailer additions.

Streamlined Storage Compartments

PVC pipe is the go-to storage solution when contractors and hobbyists need to haul a wide variety of materials that tend to shift during transit. And not only is PVC pipe lightweight, it’s not boxy, so you’re not adding much wind resistance when you’re moving.

Plus, it’s not that expensive, comes in many sizes, and can be cut down to the right dimensions for your storage needs. To secure the piping to the trailer, make sure to utilize hardware like electrical conduit straps and nuts. Then, how you close the piping is up to you. You can close one side permanently using items like PVC cement or purchase pipes that are prepped with a removable cap. To avoid standing water and debris, you’ll want to drill a hole in the bottom of the pipes to allow for drainage.

Most do-it-yourselfers will attach the PVC pipes to the trailer’s side rails using straps or bolting it directly to the frame. This can leave more room on the bed of the trailer, but it’s all about what works for you.

Wood boxes and covers are a great way to add large, secure storage to your utility trailer. You just need some basic woodworking tools or a lumber store willing to cut boards to the right size for you. Then, the sky is the limit! You can add compartments along the bed of the trailer to keep different equipment where you need it most, build your own toolbox with lid and hinge, or completely enclose the trailer bed for cargo that needs longer-term storage and protection. Though, if you’re going this route, we have some options, too.

Tip: while the side rails of a Ghost trailer allow you to bring along larger items, you’ll want to add side panels (plywood/wood planks) if you want to toss in equipment that can slide through the gaps. 2x4s are a sturdy, easy to manage option for this task.

You can also check out Pinterest to see the many upgrades users have added to their own trailers. Just search for “utility trailer customizations” to get started.

Fasteners and add-ons like D-rings are perfect for attaching to the perimeter when you need to secure straps, tarps, and various items in a pinch. Take the time to get the layout right and you’ll have room for storage, pipes, and the lawnmower/snow blower you need to strap down.

Trailer Upgrades
Sure, DIY opens the door for endless customizations, but sometimes you want a turnkey solution. So, we’d be remiss not to mention the standards and options you can get with one of our Ghost trailers.

Ghost Standard Features

  • 3-piece Tube Integrated A-frame
  • Tube Aluminum Crossmembers
  • EZ Lube Hubs
  • Tubular Top Rail
  • Extruded Aluminum Fold Down Ramp Gate
  • ATP Fenders
  • All LED Lights, Tail & Clearance
  • 4” Drop 3500lb. Spring Axle(s)
  • 15” Radial Tires
  • 12” High Tubular Side Rails
  • 2000lb. Tongue Jack
  • 5/4” x 6” Treated Decking
  • Loop Tie Off Rings
  • Limited 3-year Structural Warranty

Ghost Optional Equipment

  • ST205/75R15 Radial Spare Tire on Silver Rim
  • ST205/75R15 Radial Tire Upgrade on Aluminum Rim
  • (1) Extra Loop Tie Off Ring
  • Extruded Aluminum Floor (Upgraded to 16” OC Crossmembers)
  • ATP Lined Side Rails
  • (1) 5000lb. Recessed Floor D-ring
  • Bi-fold Ramp Gate

No matter how you choose to upgrade your open trailer, our Formula Trailer dealers are always available to offer up their own advice and suggestions.