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Welcome to our YouTube Feature Callout video where we’re excited to present the remarkable features of our Black Conquest Blackout Edition w/ an Escape Door trailer. If you’re in search of unrivaled quality and innovation, your journey ends here. Join us as we delve into the exceptional attributes that define this trailer’s excellence.

1 PC. Aluminum Roof

Experience the blend of durability and lightness with our 1-piece aluminum roof, providing unmatched cargo protection and security.

24″ Sloped Wedge

Discover improved aerodynamics with the 24″ sloped wedge design, optimizing your towing experience by reducing wind resistance.

24″ ATP Slanted Stone Guard

Ensure your cargo’s safety against road debris using the 24″ ATP slanted stone guard. It offers both functionality and an appealing appearance.

2K Jack

Managing your trailer is a breeze with the 2K jack. It’s designed for seamless lifting and lowering, streamlining your towing setup.

Aluminum Wheels w/ Chrome Center Caps and Radial Tires

Upgrade your style and performance with aluminum wheels featuring chrome center caps. These are paired with reliable radial tires for enhanced towing confidence.

Aluminum Framed Side Door w/ Flush Lock

Accessing your cargo is effortless through the aluminum-framed side door equipped with a flush lock, guaranteeing both convenience and security.

Blackout Trim

Elevate your trailer’s aesthetics with the modern charm of blackout trim, adding a touch of sophistication to its overall design.

.030 Aluminum Screwless Exterior

Experience a sleek finish and reduced maintenance thanks to the .030 aluminum screwless exterior, eliminating the need for traditional screws.

Rear Flare

Enhance both stability and style with the rear flare, a functional addition that complements the trailer’s overall look.

LED Loading Light

Efficiently load and unload your cargo even in low-light situations, courtesy of the illuminating power of the LED loading light.

LED Slimline Taillights and ID Light

Enhance your road visibility with LED slimline taillights and an ID light, ensuring safety and adherence to regulations.

16″ On-Center Full Height Floor Crossmembers

Place your trust in the solid construction of 16″ on-center full-height floor crossmembers, providing a reliable base for your cargo.

High-Performance Wood on Floor and Ramp Door

Experience longevity and quality with the high-performance wood on the floor and ramp door, built to withstand heavy usage.

16″ On-Center Tube Side Walls

Enjoy added structural strength with 16″ on-center tube side walls, ensuring your cargo’s security throughout the journey.

High-Performance Walls and Trim

Experience the best in durability and style with high-performance walls and trim, designed to exceed your expectations.

Tube Steel Roof Bows

Discover the unmatched strength of tube steel roof bows, providing exceptional load-bearing capacity and overall trailer robustness.

LED Interior Light

Easily access and organize your cargo, even in dim lighting conditions, courtesy of the convenience of the LED interior light.

5000 LB Recessed D-Rings

Secure your cargo confidently with the 5000 lb recessed D-rings, designed to keep your items firmly in place during transportation.

UTV Escape Door

Maximize your trailer’s versatility with the UTV escape door, simplifying the loading and unloading of your recreational vehicles.

Thank you for joining us to explore the comprehensive features of our premium aluminum trailer. Be sure to subscribe to our channel for more insights and exciting updates!


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