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Welcome to our feature callout video where we’re thrilled to showcase our Black Triumph Car Hauler w/ Escape Door. If you’re in pursuit of unparalleled quality and innovation, you’ve come to the right place. Join us as we delve into the remarkable attributes that define this trailer’s excellence.

24″ Sloped Wedge

Discover enhanced aerodynamics with the 24″ sloped wedge design, optimizing your towing experience by reducing wind resistance and improving fuel efficiency.

1 PC. Aluminum Roof

Experience the perfect blend of durability and lightweight construction with our 1-piece aluminum roof. It’s engineered to keep your cargo secure and well-protected.

24″ ATP Sloped Stone Guard

Shield your cargo from road debris using the 24″ ATP sloped stone guard. This feature not only offers functional protection but also adds to the trailer’s appealing aesthetics.

2K Jack

Effortlessly manage your trailer setup with the 2K jack. Its smooth operation makes lifting and lowering hassle-free, allowing you to hit the road quickly.

Aluminum Wheels w/ Chrome Center Caps and Radial


Upgrade your trailer’s style and performance with aluminum wheels that come with chrome center caps. These wheels are paired with reliable radial tires to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

Aluminum Framed Side Door w/ Flush Lock

Access your cargo with ease through the aluminum-framed side door equipped with a flush lock. This combination of convenience and security ensures a seamless experience.

3″ Top and Bottom Trim

Elevate your trailer’s aesthetics and durability with the 3″ top and bottom trim, a feature that adds a touch of style while reinforcing structural integrity.

.030 Aluminum Screwless Exterior

Experience a clean and sleek exterior with the .030 aluminum screwless design. This not only enhances the trailer’s visual appeal but also reduces maintenance efforts.

Interior ATP Step

Make loading and unloading a breeze with the interior ATP step. It’s a thoughtful addition that streamlines your access to the cargo area.

Side Wall Vents

Maintain optimal airflow within the trailer using the side wall vents. These vents ensure proper ventilation, making it ideal for transporting a variety of cargo.

LED Slimline Taillights and ID Light

Enhance your trailer’s visibility on the road with LED slimline taillights and an ID light. Safety and compliance are paramount, and these lights help you achieve both.

16″ On-Center Full-Height Floor Crossmembers

Rely on the robust construction of 16″ on-center full-height floor crossmembers, providing unwavering support for your cargo, no matter the load.

High-Performance Wood On Floor and Ramp Door

Experience superior durability with the high-performance wood on the floor and ramp door. It’s designed to withstand heavy use and maintain its integrity over time.

Optional 5000 LB Recessed D-Rings

Tailor your trailer to your needs with the optional 5000 lb recessed D-rings. These provide versatile securing points for your cargo.

Tube Steel Roof Bows

Benefit from the strength of tube steel roof bows, ensuring that your trailer maintains its structural integrity even under heavy loads.

LED Interior Lights

Effortlessly access and organize your cargo, day or night, with the bright and energy-efficient LED interior lights.

16″ On-Center Tube Side Walls

Experience enhanced structural stability with 16″ on-center tube side walls, providing the ultimate support and security for your cargo.

High-Performance Walls and Trim

Embrace the durability and style of high-performance walls and trim, designed to withstand the rigors of your journeys.

UTV Escape Door

Maximize the versatility of your trailer with the UTV escape door, simplifying the loading and unloading of your recreational vehicles.


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