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Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler by Formula Trailers

The Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler: An In-Depth Look at Its Superior Features

When it comes to transporting your valuable vehicles, you need a reliable and durable trailer that provides maximum protection. Introducing the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler, an enclosed cargo trailer designed to meet the needs of car enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this blog post, we will provide an in-depth video look at the impressive features that make the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler stand out from the competition.

1. 24″ Tall Sloped ATP Stone Guard:

The Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler is equipped with a 24″ tall sloped ATP stone guard, providing an extra layer of defense against road debris. This feature helps protect your valuable cargo, ensuring it arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

2. Triple Tube Tongue:

Recognizing the importance of a solid foundation, the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler features a triple tube tongue. This heavy-duty tongue design provides exceptional strength and stability, ensuring safe and reliable towing on any road.

3. 36″ Wide Entry Door w/ Flush Lock:

Easy access is crucial when loading and unloading vehicles. With a spacious 36″ wide entry door equipped with a flush lock, the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler ensures convenient entry and exit while maintaining security.

4. .030 Aluminum Screwless Exterior:

Durability and aesthetics go hand in hand with the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler. Its .030 aluminum screwless exterior not only enhances the trailer’s overall appearance but also provides excellent resistance against rust and corrosion.

5. 2.7″ Top & Bottom Trim:

To create a sleek and polished look, the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler features 2.7″ top and bottom trim. This attention to detail not only enhances the trailer’s aesthetic appeal but also adds further protection against the elements.

6. Radial Tires on Steel Wheels:

Equipped with radial tires on steel wheels, the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler ensures optimal performance and durability on the road. These high-quality tires provide excellent traction and stability, making your towing experience smooth and reliable.

7. Sidewall Vents:

The Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler prioritizes proper ventilation to maintain an optimal environment for your valuable cargo. Well-placed sidewall vents allow for continuous airflow, preventing heat buildup and ensuring the vehicles inside stay in their best condition.

8. Slimline LED ID Light and Taillights:

Safety is paramount, and the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler incorporates slimline LED ID lights and taillights to enhance visibility and ensure compliance with regulations. These energy-efficient lights provide excellent illumination, increasing road safety during day and night.

9. 16″ O/C Crossmembers:

To ensure structural integrity and enhance load-bearing capacity, the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler is built with 16″ on center (O/C) crossmembers. This strong framework guarantees a reliable foundation to support your precious cargo.

10. Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist & 12″ Wood Flap:

Effortlessly load and unload your vehicles with the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler’s ramp door, featuring a spring assist for easy operation. The 12″ wood flap provides enhanced traction and protection as you roll your vehicles in and out.

11. Beavertail:

Thanks to the beavertail design, the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler allows for smooth and low-angle loading of vehicles. This thoughtful feature minimizes potential damage to the undercarriage of your valuable cargo.

12. 5K D-Rings:

The Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler comes equipped with 5K D-rings strategically placed to secure your vehicles during transit. With these sturdy anchor points, you can have peace of mind knowing your vehicles are well-protected and secured.

13. LED Dome Lights w/ Switch:

Illuminate the interior of your trailer with ease using the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler’s LED dome lights. Located strategically throughout the trailer and equipped with a convenient switch, these lights provide ample visibility when loading or unloading in low-light conditions.

14. 16″ O/C Roof Bows and Tube Sidewalls:

For enhanced structural support and rigidity, the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler boasts 16″ O/C roof bows and tube sidewalls. This smart design ensures both safety and durability for your valuable cargo during transportation.

15. High-Performance Wood Walls & Floors:

The Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler doesn’t compromise on quality. With high-performance wood walls and floors, this trailer provides a robust and long-lasting support system, ensuring your vehicles are protected even under heavy loads.

The Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler is the epitome of a superior enclosed cargo trailer. From the innovative design and durable construction to the thoughtful features that prioritize both convenience and security, this trailer stands out in its class. Choose the Triumph Aluminum Car Hauler to transport your vehicles with confidence and peace of mind. Upgrade your hauling experience today and enjoy the ultimate protection for your valuable cargo.

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