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Triumph Stacker by Formula Trailers

 The Triumph Stacker Trailer by Formula Trailers: Unparalleled Features for the Ultimate Hauling Experience

When it comes to transporting and protecting your prized vehicles, you need a reliable and efficient enclosed cargo trailer. Introducing the Triumph Stacker, an exceptional trailer designed with cutting-edge features to meet the needs of car enthusiasts, racers, and professionals alike. In this blog post, we will dive into the impressive features that make the Triumph Stacker Trailer stand out from the competition.

1. 24″ Straight ATP Stone Guard:

The Triumph Stacker Trailer is equipped with a 24″ straight ATP stone guard, ensuring optimal protection against road debris. It shields your valuable cargo from potential damage, keeping them in pristine condition during transportation.

2. 8″ A-Frame Triple Tube Tongue & Main Frame:

Recognizing the importance of stability and durability, the Triumph Stacker features an 8″ A-frame triple tube tongue and main frame. This heavy-duty construction provides unmatched strength, ensuring a safe towing experience even under heavy loads.

3. 12K Set-Back Jack:

Effortlessly maneuver your trailer with the 12K set-back jack, allowing for easy coupling and uncoupling from your towing vehicle. This feature makes hitching up a breeze and provides additional stability when the trailer is detached.

4. 48″ Wide Entry Door w/ Flush Lock:

Easy access is crucial, and the Triumph Stacker provides a spacious 48″ wide entry door equipped with a flush lock. This wide opening allows for convenient entry and exit, making loading and unloading a hassle-free experience.

5. Interior Recessed Step:

For added convenience when entering the trailer, the Triumph Stacker incorporates an interior recessed step. This step ensures safe and easy access to the interior, reducing the risk of tripping or stumbling during entry or exit.

6. .040 Aluminum Exterior:

Built for long-lasting durability and resistance against the elements, the Triumph Stacker features a .040 aluminum exterior. This rugged material not only enhances the trailer’s appearance but also provides unmatched protection and minimal maintenance.

7. Aluminum Wheels, Chrome Center Caps, Radial Tires on Triple Spread Axles:

To deliver excellent performance on the road, the Triumph Stacker boasts aluminum wheels with chrome center caps and radial tires on triple spread axles. This combination provides superior traction, stability, and durability during towing, ensuring a smooth and reliable journey.

8. 22″ Exterior Lights:

The Triumph Stacker is designed with 22″ exterior lights, illuminating the surroundings for enhanced visibility and safety. These bright and reliable lights ensure that your trailer is visible day or night, making your travels more secure.

9. LED Slimline Taillights and ID Light:

Equipped with LED slimline taillights and an ID light, the Triumph Stacker delivers maximum visibility to other road users. The efficient LED lights are brighter and longer-lasting, enhancing safety and minimizing the risk of accidents.

10. Rear Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist & 16″ Wood Ramp Flap:

Load and unload your precious vehicles with ease using the rear ramp door of the Triumph Stacker. The spring assist makes opening and closing effortless, while the 16″ wood ramp flap provides additional convenience and protection.

11. LED Loading Lights:

To facilitate safe loading in low-light conditions, the Triumph Stacker incorporates LED loading lights. These strategically placed lights illuminate the interior, ensuring maximum visibility as you bring your vehicles in and out of the trailer.

12. 9″ Rear Flare w/ Brite Aluminum Ceiling:

The 9″ rear flare with a brite aluminum ceiling promotes efficient airflow within the trailer. This feature helps regulate temperature and dissipate heat, ensuring a comfortable environment for your valuable cargo.

13. 5000 LB Recessed D-Rings:

Secure your vehicles during transit using the 5000 lb recessed D-rings integrated into the flooring of the Triumph Stacker. These sturdy anchor points provide reliable attachment options, keeping your vehicles stable throughout the journey.

14. Stowed Aluminum Lift Ramps:

The Triumph Stacker comes with stowed aluminum lift ramps, allowing for seamless vehicle loading and unloading. These ramps are designed to be easily accessible and conveniently stored, ensuring efficiency while saving space.

15. 36″ Black Carpet on Sidewalls and Black Coin Flooring:

Create a sleek and stylish interior with the 36″ black carpet on the sidewalls and black coin flooring of the Triumph Stacker. These elements not only add a touch of elegance to the trailer’s interior but also provide enhanced protection and slip resistance.

16. 11″ Deluxe LED Interior Lights:

Illuminate the trailer’s interior with the 11″ deluxe LED interior lights. These bright and energy-efficient lights ensure optimal visibility, making it easy to inspect your vehicles or work inside the trailer.

17. 4′ 110V LED Lights w/ Diffuser:

For even illumination throughout the trailer, the Triumph Stacker includes 4′ 110V LED lights with a diffuser. These lights evenly distribute light and reduce shadows, providing a well-lit environment for your vehicles.

18. Black Aluminum Coves:

Enhance the trailer’s aesthetics with black aluminum coves, adding a sleek and stylish touch. These aluminum coves not only elevate the trailer’s appearance but also provide additional protection and durability.

19. White Vinyl Ceiling Liner and Walls:

To create a clean and bright interior, the Triumph Stacker features white vinyl ceiling liner and walls. This premium-quality material gives the trailer a polished look while also ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

20. Storage Loft and Aluminum Ladder:

Maximize your storage space with the storage loft and aluminum ladder incorporated into the Triumph Stacker. This practical feature allows you to utilize vertical space efficiently, keeping your equipment organized and easily accessible.

21. 14′ Titan Post Hydraulic Car Lift:

The Triumph Stacker goes above and beyond by including a 14′ Titan post hydraulic car lift. This powerful and reliable lift enhances your working capabilities, allowing for effortless vehicle maintenance and storage.

22. Hydraulic Pump & Battery Box:

With a hydraulic pump and battery box, the Triumph Stacker ensures smooth and convenient operation of the car lift. This feature provides ease of use and mobility, making your loading and unloading process seamless.

23. 15A Receptacles and 50A Panel Box:

The Triumph Stacker is equipped with 15A receptacles and a 50A panel box, offering ample electrical connectivity options. This feature allows you to power your tools, equipment, or any necessary auxiliary devices with ease.

24. Male Motorbase w/ 25′ Shoreline:

For added versatility and convenience, the Triumph Stacker includes a male motorbase with a 25′ shoreline. This allows for straightforward connections to electrical power sources, ensuring uninterrupted operation during your travels.

The Triumph Stacker Trailer surpasses expectations with its remarkable features and intelligent design. With its sturdy construction, advanced security measures, and superior functionality, this enclosed cargo trailer provides the ultimate hauling experience for car enthusiasts and professionals. Choose the Triumph Stacker for unmatched reliability, versatility, and style, and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your valuable cargo is protected during transit. Upgrade your hauling capabilities today and elevate your journeys to new heights with the Triumph Stacker.

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